Development of an aviation aerospace mechatronics technician curriculum



Development of an aviation aerospace mechatronics technician curriculum:

The AMTECH Platform is available online in six languages.

The AMTECH OER platform is now online in six languages at, providing specific info on project aims, activities and results. The Platform will contain all the Project information, deliverables and outcomes.
 AMTECH's General Objective is to adapt vocational education and training to labour market needs by:
•    Upgrading competences and skills of VET learners to be able to find a job in the growing aviation industry sector
•    Helping VET learners to gain the right skills so that Europe can strengthen its position in global competition and have a sustained economic relaunch geared toward a green and digital transition
•    Identifying trends and dynamics in the aviation industry sector and developing a new professional profile of an aviation aerospace mechatronics technician (AMTech) in alignment with ESCO through the cooperation between educational institutions and SMEs and chambers of industry and crafts
•    Creating a new and innovative curriculum of the AMTech designed explicitly for labour market needs
•    Developing the "European Aviation Aerospace Mechatronics Passport – EAAMP" to codify the new profession's most relevant profile and occupational features, highlighting the competencies, knowledge and skills required. Moreover, the AMTech project requires and produces European added value:

1.    Materialize the transnational confrontation and exchange between different VET realities. AMTech brings together countries that have a strong connotation of SME and can each contribute significantly to creating a European product thanks to the diversity of the partners representing different approaches to the same challenge
2.    The diversity of the organizations represented amplifies the cross-border dimension of AMTech: VET providers (in different environments and contexts), SME as well as SME support organizations
3.    The diversity above materializes in a truly cross-border and transnational dimension allowing AMTech to broker the exchange from and between different realities, methodologies, working mechanisms and entrepreneurship models.

The accessible and user-friendly Platform has been built by the Spanish partner, IWS (Internet Web Solutions) and will be constantly updated by the partnership as a whole during the project implementation. AMTECH OER Platform is available in six languages (English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German and Latvian) and is composed of the following sections freely available to all navigators.

•    PROJECT: describes the main Project objectives and results.
•    PARTNERS: describes the Partners involved in the AMTECH Project.
•    ANALYSIS: The project partners will research industry trends and dynamics to define the professional profile of an AMTECH, qualifications, and skills set needed and align it with ESCO references.
•    TRAINING CV: partners will develop an aviation aerospace mechatronics technician curriculum based on the defined professional profile designed
•    PASSPORT: Partners will develop the first "European Aviation Aerospace Mechatronics Passport – EAAMP" by extrapolating the professional profile defined and benchmarking it against the ESCO profiles most relevant to this innovative profile.
•    COMMUNITY: to involve as many Associated Partners as possible and spread the word about 
•    NEWS: to remain continuously updated with AMTECH's latest developments 
 AMTECH is managed by seven partners from five countries, i.e. Italy, Spain, Belgium, Latvia, Germany, and Poland, and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.